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Getting Stuff Done

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and comments about focus/productivity this last week.  So I thought I’d share the two best insights I came across.

I know productivity seems to be something that many clank on about, but if you are finding you are just a “bit too busy” – not quite enough time to get things done…bit of wheel spinning going on… spend a few minutes to read and watch what Sam and Brendon (both multi-millionaires) have to say on the topic. 

Just one little practical tip might make a huge difference to your results.


Sam Ovens
– Founder Consulting .com says…

“There’s a major shift that happens when scaling from 7-figures to 8-figures, and it’s not about adding more things or doing more…

It’s about taking things away and doing less.

It’s about developing laser like FOCUS!

Early stage entrepreneurs are “promoters” — scrappy hustlers pulling rabbits out of hats to get attention, make sales and gain momentum.

But promoters never make 8-figures.

To make 8-figures you need to evolve from a “promoter” to an “operator”.

Operators are focused, disciplined, long-term oriented and they pay attention to the details. They eliminate errors and improve efficiency.

If you stand a promoter next to an operator the promoter will seem like they have ADD.

They will be pinging around doing 100 different things while the operator is calm, collected, knows all the numbers and is immune to distractions.

Operators stop seeking new things to do because they know what to do and spend all of their time executing and getting it done.

Plain and simple — Operators have laser like FOCUS! “


…and from

Brendon Burchard
– World leading high Performance Coach

Watch here for a scary reality check and what to do if you are someone who gets distracted easily.


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