Email Marketing: Tips for Success in 2023

If you feel like your email marketing strategy is a little lackluster, today’s post is for you.

Email marketing in 2023

Sound familiar when it comes to your email marketing?

  • I have other priorities… Trust me, I get it!
  • I’m stumped on what to send… Yep been there too..
  • My email list is far from up-to-date. Feels overwhelming.

Here’s the reality.  Email marketing is getting more complex and scaring many people off. But that’s where the opportunity lies for you! 

As others back away, there’s a fab opportunity for you to step up and really stand out in your market.

The people who think email is dead just don’t understand how to do it right. And by right I mean use its potential to get an incredible ROI. On average every $1 spent on it will return a lovely $40. (Omnisend, 2022) That’s pretty juicy…

OK let’s help you get more from it…

No doubt you’ve worked hard to build up your connections.  But over time, it can get out of date and feel too big to tackle.


Here’s how to start re-engaging your contact list

Step 1

Run your data through an email-validating software such as Zerobounce to avoid going to spam.  Or worse, getting blocked when you send group emails.


Step 2

Create a re-engagement email and reach out to those with valid emails. Consult ChatGPT or Google to discover the top 5 challenges in your niche and use them as a basis for your message!


Step 3

Test your open rates by sending to 100 people at a time. Aim for an average of 19% or higher, and if you’re below, tweak your subject line until it goes up. 


Step 4

Add a punch to your emails with a strong call to action (CTA)! Whether it’s an invite to join your LinkedIn network, a link to book a chat, or some juicy insights about your industry, make sure to give your readers a clear next step to take.


Step 5 

Get ready to conquer that email list. Methodically email groups of valid emails and consider using powerful tools like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Drip, Constant Contact, Get Response, and Klaviyo to help you automate your email marketing game.


Just one returning client or candidate can make all the effort worthwhile. And once you nail it, delegate the process to gain even more leverage. Love the word leverage!


Email Marketing Platforms

If you want to seriously uplevel your email marketing game, don’t rely on your basic recruitment CRM system. 

They can typically do some email marketing but ultimately it’s not what they are best at. 

Check out email marketing automation platforms (mentioned above) to add to your tech stack. 

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll save heaps of time and be in front of your clients 24/7.


Email campaigns for Recruitment V LinkedIn

It’s not a choice between one or the other. These two strategies go hand in hand. 

To demonstrate, here’s a tactic you can implement right away.

Take the list of outdated emails from Step 1 and search for those contacts on LinkedIn to see where they are now. 

Use this information to craft a personalized campaign to reconnect. Tools like Leadleaper can help you find their current email addresses so you can reach out and say hello.


Automating your email marketing

This simply means using technology to automatically send targeted, personalised emails at specific times or based on certain actions people take. 

A simple example is automating welcome emails such as a new candidate enquiry. You can start small and increase complexity as you gain confidence.


Pulling it all together…

Email is an “owned” media channel, which means you have complete control over it. This unique platform offers a greater opportunity to connect and engage with your community in ways that no other medium can match.

 It is a powerful tool and offers an incredible ROI. While it can feel overwhelming to tackle an outdated email list, find time to create and manage it there are simple steps you can take to re-engage and automate your campaigns.

By adding strong calls to action (CTAs)  and utilizing email marketing platforms, you can save time and stay in front of mind with your market. 

With these tips, you’ll be able to get the best from your email marketing and see a positive impact on your business.

There’s always more to learn with email marketing but this is a great start.


Have a top week





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