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Belinda and the Next Level Accelerator course and coaching has been the best thing I have decided to do in 2018. Belinda is patient and pragmatic. She gave me space to make sure it was the right decision for me and my business. Running a business, still front end recruiting and trying to make change is a tricky combination, but Belinda has been super supportive, guiding not judging and keeping me on track so I don’t lose focus.

It is also great to have the course to give you the building blocks alongside, and the weekly coaching sessions with others at different stages highlights how far you have come whilst also giving you inspiration and pace to move you forward. I love it and highly recommend Belinda as a coach and the Next Level Accelerator programme. Her expertise and enthusiasm is priceless! Not to mention her wealth of experience setting up, running and selling recruitment businesses.

Helen Vane

Director, GoGecko

Belinda is the best kind of entrepreneur – a very genuine person with a sense of fun, who’s passionate about what she does, knows her market, and has achieved a great deal while caring deeply about doing business in a way that works for all parties. I’m very glad our paths have crossed, and I’m sure Belinda will continue to enjoy success while helping others to achieve their professional and business goals.

Pete Wildman

Director, Hire Purpose Talent Solutions

I made the appointment and was met by a professional lady with vast experience in recruiting, trying to understand what my challenges were in the areas of opportunity and my market. She was going out of her comfort zone by taking a new client that was from Latin America.nI was involved in a weekly class with people from all over the world and listening to recruiters that despite having different backgrounds and levels of experience, we’re having problems similar to mine. Also, the online program was very easy to follow on my own, mostly after business hours. Belinda was guiding us every step of the way, by answering our questions, giving those new ideas in a practical way through tips, which can be applied immediately. Through all these years and a half, she has been constantly improving her program. There will be new valuable content that helps us to stay at the top and aim to make ourselves more competitive.

Ines Velasco

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Sigma Solutions LLC

I think this is probably one of the most valuable pieces of the program is getting those different insights. And it’s all real time as well. So we’re all for example, we’ve got people from Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, Mexico, and we’re all experiencing COVID at different times, and in different ways. And hearing different people’s experiences about how that’s impacted their recruitment businesses has been really, really interesting. And what they’ve done to overcome that, or pivot, etc. And also quite a few of the people on the program are also from it, and specifically software and hearing their ideas and what they’ve been doing. And even though we’re on the other side of the world, our clients are experiencing similar problems, and it gives me loads of new ideas. And that’s what really resonates with me.

Nicola Steel

Founder, JJP Talent Solutions

Working with Belinda and more specifically, joining her Next Level Accelerator programme for recruitment business owners was the best business decision I made in 2018.

Belinda has been a teacher and a mentor.  A key differentiator has been the practical and hands on nature of her coaching and support. With clear targets, tasks, milestones and objectives. I can’t thank Belinda enough because she has completely changed my perspective about recruitment and has given me the tools and the benefit of her experience to help me achieve my vision for my recruitment business.

Noble Asinugo

Partner, Hewitt Stone

Belinda is wonderful to work with, communicating with her is a true pleasure, she is passionate, honest and highly astute. She has an excellent understanding of the recruitment industry and is willing to share her knowledge and experience so generously. She communicates vital information very effectively and has given us a wealth of superb business advice that will have a huge impact on our future success.

Kate Evans

Director and Founder, Graduate Planet

Belinda is a “legend” of the Digital Recruitment landscape in Australia. I have known Belinda for almost 15 years and even though we previously  “technically” worked as perceived competitors I never saw it that way with Belinda as she was so generous and transparent in everything she did. Belinda is a rare find in the recruitment sector and I wish there were more like her as it would profoundly change the whole industry for the better! Happy to recommend her to anyone as a terrific operator who is efficient in how she approaches business problems.

Keiran Hathorn

MD, Big Wave Digital

It really just isn’t overwhelming the way that the course is structured the way that is broken down, and where and when you can do it. And having that flexibility to implement whatever is amazing. I’ve found it’s really complimented my working style, I found that I like quite literally I can sit down on a Sunday with a glass of wine and watch it and really be able to take it in and take those notes. And you can you can actually enjoy. It doesn’t feel like a burden. It doesn’t feel if you’ve gone through courses before. And I felt like they were weighing hard on you. And it was an obligation. This doesn’t feel like that. It’s actually given me so many aha moments throughout the last six months where I’ve actually been quite excited to watch that next step and then implement that in my business and execute it because it happened a lot of aha moments, but I just feel that step by step process has made me be able to combat that initial fear of joining a course.

Lindsey Menezes

MD, Pace NSW

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