Automation Tools to use in your Recruitment Agency 2023 


By far one of the best ways to get more time to work on your recruitment agency is to free yourself from repetitive and low-level tasks. Many of these tasks are ripe for automation. 

Recruitment is activity intense and much of this can be automated with increasing ease. From the back office to client-facing functions, there is an opportunity all the way through your agency to benefit from automation.  

So, the question is, how can you use automation to streamline your business?  How can recruitment automation free up your time to work on high-level activity and implement strategies to grow your long-term success? 

You might be surprised when you start looking at this how much automation you in fact have in place already. It’s unlikely you will be a complete novice! For example, I’m guessing you probably already use automated calendar invites.


What are Your Competitors Doing?

Let’s take a look at how your competitors are getting more leverage from advanced technology.

The smart ones are using automation intensively across their various business functions to help them scale.

Let’s look at how you can too. 

The first thing to do is review the repetitive tasks in your recruitment agency that aren’t currently automated. The second, to see what are you (or your team are doing) that is potentially below your pay grade or outside your skill set, and we have a starting point. 

Here are a few example areas to start automating:

  • Booking interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Business development
  • Sourcing and screening candidates
  • Testimonials
  • Invoicing

Once these basics are handled, there are many other tasks in your business that you will be able to identify to automate.

Let’s take a closer look at what successful recruitment and search agencies are doing to take automation to another level.

They’re investing their efforts into many areas of automation beyond the somewhat traditional as mentioned above. 

Below I’ve listed some examples for you.

  • Improving remote hiring through the use of video
  • Creating and disseminating content to build their brand and exposure as “go to” agencies for their market
  • Sending autoresponder email campaigns to new applicants and clients 
  • Nurturing 1000’s of candidates and clients at once (Huge ROI when done well BTW)
  • Sourcing candidates at scale
  • Building pipelines of new business
  • Using AI and automation to lead score prospects to identify who is most likely to buy
  • Building online inbound digital marketing funnels to attract and nurture leads
  • Using chat to answer low-level candidate inquiries (mostly temp)
  • Posting ads directly to websites
  • Communicating value with candidates and clients 24/7 via social media to block out competitors
  • Onboarding, timesheeting, invoicing, and contract management (think DocuSign)
  • Automating LinkedIn connections and reach outs (a little contentious but done by thousands)

How to Stay on Top of Technology When it’s Rapidly Evolving

This can be overwhelming. 

The place to start is getting a top-line understanding of the types of recruitment (or general) tech that may help you and get clear on what it is you are looking to achieve in your recruitment business. For example, if you would like more testimonials, think about how you would like that to look and then research the various tech that can automate this for you. 

When you are ready there is no shortage of forums or review sites such as to help you make an informed decision. 

The more integrated the automation needs to be in your business the more time spent speaking to people who have it already is critical. The last thing you need is to be sold a solution and spend thousands implementing it into your business only to find it’s not a good fit.


What Tech Should I be Using in My Recruitment Agency?

People often ask me this. 

There are several categories that recruitment tech falls into. I have listed those categories below and a couple of examples. 









Recruitment Marketing 

This is a big category consisting mostly of digital marketing tools for email campaigns, content posting, and automated cold reach outs.

Active Campaign


Linkedin Helper 



Outbound Platforms 













Shortlyst Ai 

Get Parsley


Contact Finders 




General Business Platforms

Slack – Great for managing internal communication and frequent connection through instant video, screen sharing, audio, and huddles at one click

Trello – Free project management tool 

Loom – Great for creating quick video links to share instead of writing long-winded emails. Also great for training and quick explanations.



How Can Automation Help You Leverage Your business?

When you have the right tech stack it will help streamline your business, increase accuracy, improve your candidate and client experience, stop things from falling through the cracks, and maximise your output. This doesn’t have to be complicated. A few products that you fully engage in will work far better for you than adding in too much tech that has additional functionality that you never use. 

For eg this is a typical automation that works incredibly well to have the right candidates booking into your diary for a chat without hours of chasing them up one by one. 

A new candidate sees an automated social post, then visits your site, sign up for your job alerts, then they are automatically added to your database where they are automatically nurtured by an email marketing sequence and given the option to ultimately book into your diary and filtered by pre-determined questions through a calendar link. 


My Top 3 Favourite Automation Tools of 2023.






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