How to Optimise Your Tech Stack


Jobadder Integrations for Recruitment and Search Agencies

I’m going to show you (using Jobadder as an example) how you can use your current CRMs integrations to help guide what you next add to your tech stack.

The wild array of recruitment process software is astounding and growing by the day. Some stay, some go, but ultimately when chosen well can do a lot to increase your recruitment business’ productivity and bottom line.

The Jobadder API provides a gateway to many terrific tech integrations for you.

When thinking about what software to add to your tech stack a good place to start is to have a look at the integrations your CRM offers.

I’m using Jobadder partners as an example here today, but much of what I will be sharing applies across the board to other CRMs offering a broad array of integrations such as (but not limited to) Loxo, Crelate, PC recruiter, Vincere, and Bullhorn.

Just a quick note to say I am in no way affiliated with Jobadder or their integration partners I’ve used it in the past and liked it and many of my clients use it too.

If you want to know what integrations your current CRM offers just google the CRM name and integrations ie “Jobadder integrations” and you’ll see a dedicated page listing the integrations (often) by category.

The category list is helpful because it lets you directly compare like for like products and decide which is best for you.

If you already have a recruitment CRM, which it’s likely you do, think about how you would like to improve your recruitment process and check out what integrations are available with your current CRM.

This will provide clues as to what you can do and then loop back to what would be your business case for using this tech and how will you embed it in your business process.

It’s easy to get excited by a piece of cool tech and that’s OK, just make sure the business case is there and you’re not just using it because it’s pretty funky!

Remember the tighter you can make your tech stack the better!


What types of integrations should you be using in your recruitment agency?

Let’s put the various tech into categories first and then look to help you decide which category of tech will help you and then which specific product.

I like the way Jobadder categorise tech, so I am going to borrow their structure😊

I’m not going to go through all of these, (just the ones I have in bold) but it will be useful for you to see the overarching categories so when you are considering new tech options rather than having this massive sea of never-ending random options to wade through, you can decide on the category first and narrow it down.


Recruitment Tech Categories

AI Sourcing

Assessment Tools

Background and reference checks

Billing and invoicing

Candidate experience


Chat SMS and text messaging



Digital document signing

HRIS (Human Resource Information System)



Onboarding software


Productivity for recruiters

Productivity for sales




Video Interviewing

Voice call software

Websites for recruiting

Workforce management


AI Sourcing / Sourcing

This frontier is set to change rapidly in the near term and become increasingly powerful for you so why not embrace it now? It’s really exciting. However, I want to make a point that these products whilst amazing are usually pretty heavy on the wallet.

I’ve also spoken to a lot of users and some of these products excel for some industry niches and locations and not others, so do your research and ensure the results are in for your specific sector. Products such as SourceBreaker and HireEZ are a good place to start.

Please don’t let this feed complacency around keeping your own data updated. That’s a subject for another time but being able to build and maintain your own up-to-date database is going to increase your competitive advantage.


Chat SMS and text messaging

Everybody carries their smartphone on them every waking minute and gets heart palpitations if they can’t lay their hands on it in a nanosecond! And, we all know that speed kills deals, so messaging apps that land front and centre on the smartphone is number one.

With many providers boasting open rates of circa 99% with 97% of messages being read within 15 minutes, this is an easy-to-integrate tool that is going to pay off in spades for you. A couple of tools here to check out our RecTxt (Canada and USA only at the time of writing this blog) and Burst SMS.


Digital document signing

I’ve included this because it is a no-brainer. It simplifies legal compliance and in my mind takes that ickiness out of chasing people to sign terms. Nobody likes that and doing it this way just slips the terms neatly into the process. DocuSign is the one I see used most often. It is valid in 188 countries so I’m guessing you are covered! Hellosign is another.



When done well, 70% of a recruitment agency’s revenue is now attributed to marketing efforts, not sales which is the opposite of days gone by when sales held the mantle. So, any integrations that will improve your marketing efforts are a winner.

Social proof is so important, so tools such as Sourcr that allow you to capture and share candidate reviews on autopilot are a great set, and forget to make sure your reviews are always fresh and building.

I also like Interseller for cold outreach campaigns to candidates. Again, it works better in some markets than others, but the guys there are very helpful so keep it in mind and have a chat with them if you are looking at improving your outbound strategy.


Productivity for recruiters

I’m guessing you have this one covered but if not the ability to send a direct link to your calendar is a surefire way to save hours. Gone are the days when we had to go back and forth to book a meeting. One-click. Send. Done! Plenty of options here. Here at Recruitment Garage, we use Acuity, but Calendly (integrates with Jobadder) and Oncehub are good options too.

The guys at SmartAI are doing a great job of helping agencies increase candidate engagement and accelerated time to fill with conversational AI.

Formatting resumes and interview notes to represent your client is another one of those things that we just don’t need to do manually. Companies like that integrate with both Jobadder and Bullhorn will help your consultants do what you used to take 30- 45 minutes in 5 or 10!


Video Interviewing (and more)

This natural video evolution is becoming more the norm and I know from recruitment agency owners in the Recruitment Garage community using video interviewing and the broader features these platforms such as hinterview, odro, videomyjob and myinterview are offering are paying off in spades.


If I had to pick….


My top three recommended integrations for Jobadder



There is so much talk about inbound marketing/recruiting (I do a fair share of that myself and it is super effective!) However, it’s important to complete the picture and not to let inbound overshadow proactive outbound efforts to also expand reach. We can modernise and reap the rewards that outbound tech platforms like HireEZ offer.



Because conversational AI can be done well and these guys are leading by example.



I know quite a few agency owners using this platform in the USA and Canada and they all love it. I’m all for text messaging for the reasons outlined above, so this one gets a gold star too. Check out your CRM for local partners.


Thanks for reading and have a great week!





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