Be Passionate or Pass

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Do you like Recruiting… really?  Or, Just Pretending?

The recruitment industry is unforgiving. Those who aren’t cut out for it often don’t last long and leave, and that is the right thing for them to do. Those who are passionate about it, work hard and stay focused reap amazing rewards.

Nonplussed Leads to Failure

The worrying group are the recruiters in the middle who are nonplussed about recruitment. They slip into mediocrity and have poor success because they are just not enjoying the job and are unmotivated. You have one life; if I have just described you, either find a way to enjoy what you do or leave recruiting and chase something that will get you fired up and eager to jump out of bed each day to get going. Don’t waste the next decade of your life doing something you just do not enjoy.

What do you Want to Achieve?

Ask yourself what is it you are wanting to achieve by working in the recruitment industry? If you can’t answer that, start thinking about it today and decide which way your future is to go before someone else decides for you. If you look hard enough you may see what’s getting in your way right now and make changes to reignite your passion. I sincerely hope you do! Were you passionate about it before and for some reason over time it’s been squashed?

Time gets Away

The low barrier to entry in recruitment means we have a wonderful tapestry of experience across the industry. It also means lots of people fall into it with rose tinted glasses thinking it is much easier than it is. Before too long weeks turn into months and months into years without really sitting back and saying “is this for me?”, when sometimes it is just not.

This industry is tough and if you are pretending to enjoy it you are in for a miserable ride and not much success. The most successful people in the world will all tell you the number one ingredient in your success is to be passionate about what you do. If you are just in it for the money you are heading for a fall.

Check out what Gary Vaynerchuck says about having passion for what you do and how closely it is tied to your success.

This goes 100 fold for those running their own agencies. Business is hard enough when you 100% love what you do. If you don’t enjoy it, you will at some point fail. And worse, if you are hiring consultants on the pretence of a “great culture” and opportunity for them you are being deceitful. At some point, they will realise this and leave. I believe that most recruitment agency owners are passionate because by the time they set up they know what it takes to succeed in recruitment and they have the entrepreneurial spirit and heart to give it their best.

Do Something that Makes you Glad to be Alive

I’ve seen too many great people begrudgingly “stick it out” “ride the rough patch” (which isn’t a patch at all) in the hope that one day they will be successful, when really their heart just isn’t in it at all. This is your wakeup call, if this is you ask yourself why are you still in the industry? If you can’t answer that, find something else that will make you bounce out of bed in the morning and make you feel glad to be alive.

Thanks for Reading!

Belinda Kerr – Founder

Recruitment Garage




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