OK, here we go, the final step in your strategy to becoming the most valued agency for your clients.

Once you understand your clients’ pain points, you are in a position to create a solution.  Below I present several ideas on creating an *asset that will help you achieve this.

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Now it’s time for Step 3…

Creating a Valuable *Asset Directly Addressing Your Clients’ Pain Points

*I’m using the word “Asset” to describe whatever it is you decide to create to solve your clients’ problems – whether it be a salary survey, breakfast seminar, webinar, podcast, etc.

When you create Assets, remember they are part of a wider strategy to expand your “A” clients.  The magic isn’t in the Asset itself; it’s with the doors it helps you open.

DO NOT fall in love with your Asset. Fall in love with your client and helping to solve their pain points.

…OK, enough preamble, let’s get all your concerns around creating an Asset out of the way!

It’s Too Hard/Complicated!


It isn’t!
My advice at this point is if something makes sense to you but you are unsure how to physically create it, don’t worry.  The how-to/techie side is just a set of small steps to learn. (Getting the RIGHT topics is the key to this strategy.)

For e.g., if your audience says they would like to hear from industry leaders on “How to get government funding for renewable energy market projects” and you decide two good Asset options are:
A – To interview 10 thought leaders over 10 weeks and do a podcast series.
B – Create an online seminar and invite 3 speakers.

You may choose A because doing an audio interview just fits better with the way you do things.


How do I Choose the Topic?

Simple, just pick the topic that was most popular when you surveyed your market and you believe you can find the resources to address. You really don’t need to overthink this.

It’s Been Done Before?

That’s OK, do it better. If it’s been talked about before it confirms it’s relevant.  So much you see and read has been done before; just put your flavour to it.


What Format do I Choose?

This really comes down to personal choice and your market.  My niche was the media industry, it was full of big personalities and was a lot of fun, so we could be a bit cheeky.  I’m not sure how well that goes with Research Scientists (maybe a refreshing change)?

Anyway, you get my point, it needs to suit your market.  If you recruit globally, a local meet-up is probably not the way to go, but an online link-up could be.


I Don’t Have the Tech Know-How.

You don’t need any. Many of the ideas I mention can start really simply.
I have come to realize in setting up Recruitment Garage everything has been done before and there is a “how-to video” on YouTube for everything in the Universe!

I promise you the techie side is so much easier than you may think.  For example, I don’t have a techie bone in my body and for a bit of fun I thought I would have a go at building my website and I did it.  It was totally drag and drop and whilst it’s no Amazon.com, I’m pretty proud of the end result and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. (Mostly!)

(Side Note: I’m not recommending you build your own recruitment website; that’s a different story!)


I’m Worried How Much Time This will Take.

Compared to?
This is business development and SHOULD be taking up your time because it WORKS.

That said, if you think the process through and plan it out, you will find it isn’t excessive and it’s well worth the investment.

What if you allocated half of your business development time to creating this strategy? Or, stretch it out and make it a project for the quarter.

You are no doubt planning to call/connect with these “A” clients anyway; this gives you a much more powerful “in”.  And, this will actually decrease the time it takes you to acquire each new client.


One or a Series?

A series is great.  If you feel confident in doing this off the bat, go for it.  If not, create your first Asset mindful you may like to build it into a series.  Leave room for a sequel!


                                  Let’s move on.

Here’s a List of Ideas to get you started.

  • A Live Event (Listen to CASE STUDY 1 – Live Seminar).  This is much easier than you probably think.  Outside of Covid this would be my number one recommendation as you can leverage it in so many ways.  As you will hear in the audio our ROI on this was brilliant.


  • A Webinar – Ideal for educational content.
  • Online Hangouts – Great for getting a group of experts in a Q&A format to discuss a hot topic. Record the content and repurpose it.
  • Q&A Interviews with industry Experts – People love these.
  • A Podcast – These are great for interviews and sometimes the interviewee prefers not to be on camera.  These guys are good to follow – The podcast Host
  • Approach a recently published author in your niche – they will be looking for ways to engage with their audience. Don’t be afraid to go internationally.
  • Whitepapers – Great for critical analysis on a complex issue in your industry.
  • Online Survey – You can use survey monkey for this. For e.g., is there a topic that has come to light where your clients would value the thoughts of their peers? If so, a survey is a good idea. These can be as short or detailed as you see relevant.
  • eBook – This could be a collection of content you have collected in other ways. For e.g. if you run a live event you can get the presentations edited and converted to an eBook/eGuide on Canva .   It could also be a Q&A compilation.
  • Email – Is there a series you could do and start addressing your clients’ highlighted pain points? It could be a series of 5, more or unlimited. Think about the emails you receive that you look forward to and why.  An email is a powerful tool when done well.  I’m not talking about a newsletter spruiking your company.  It needs to be focused on the client issues. For e.g., if you are in retail recruitment and there is a deep concern around online retail hurting the industry I imagine there would be many months worth of issues to explore within that from tax issues to the cost of brick and mortar stores to the impact of Cryptocurrency on retail (I just made that last one up, I have no idea if that is true or not ) You get the idea!
  • Video –  Your options here are unlimited and you can spend as little or as much as you like as I share in Case Study 2 – Video Series.
  • Training – Is there for e.g. a particular software that people have trouble finding good training on? You could create a series of online training sessions with experts in the field.

Pulling the PRE-EMINENT STRATEGY Together

The WONDERFUL thing about this strategy is if you follow the steps it will MAKE YOU MONEY QUICKLY. No need to keep banging away to build up your profile bit by bit. This can start to perform for you inside a WEEK. This strategy works equally well in exactly the same way with candidates.SO…

/ Create a list of your “A” clients and potential “A” clients 
/ Contact your clients to get relevant topics
/ Promise to follow them up personally once your Asset is created
/ Review your topic suggestions and choose the most popular ones.
/ Create your Asset to address your clients’ problems
/ Choose the best forum and then plan the steps
/ Establish what you need to learn in order to create this Asset? (Remember YouTube e.g. search on “How to create an eBook”)
/ Invite speakers if you are following a speaker strategy


Always remember, the whole point of this strategy is to give amazing value to your clients to build your credibility, gain their trust and build your businesses.


All the best,
P.S. If you get stuck – get in touch, I want to see you get the JUICE from this!


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