The Strategy of Pre-eminence

If you are looking to build your business through developing lifelong partnerships with your clients and candidates and being seen as the first person they turn to in your marker, I  highly recommend watching this video. Jay’s strategy of pre-eminence is like putting client service on steroids!

I’d like to share a strategy that provides a foundation for you to become the most trusted and called upon recruitment business partner in your space.

Have you heard of “The Strategy of “Pre-eminence” by Jay Abraham? If not, stand by, you are about to!

Here at the Recruitment Garage one of my key objectives is to show you how to become a trusted expert in your niche.

…it’s such an important cornerstone to building a scalable business.

Jay Abraham is a world renowned and highly revered business strategist and marketer. He has made millions helping businesses leap to insane profits.

He coined a particular strategy of his “The Strategy of Pre-eminence”; it is a powerful tool for building iron clad client relationships that your competitors will have no way of breaking through.

This is a strategy you can switch on immediately and it won’t cost you a cent!

(Side note: Last week I shared my article “Jumping off the Urgency Treadmill” as a precursor to this article if you missed it).

Today, I’m introducing you to the concept of “The Strategy of Pre-eminence” and in the weeks to follow, I’ll unpack specific practical steps to help you implement this in your business to attract the clients (or candidates) you want on your “A” list.

This 30 minute video by Jay outlining the core principles of “The Strategy of Pre-eminence” is a must see (or listen!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you can apply this in your business.

Thanks for reading!




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