Your recruitment website ISN’T an online brochure.

When thinking about recruitment websites, I think about 3 things:

1) First, getting the right traffic to your site – Why have a brilliant site if nobody ever sees it? It’s easy to get caught up in making your website look good, but why if nobody sees it?

2) Being crystal clear on your home page – What you do and for whom. How you can help them.

It’s tempting to talk about yourself and why you are different!
In the nicest possible way… please hear this – that’s NOT what people are looking to see.

Think about Amazon for a sec, you go there to shop and that’s what you can do on the homepage. No blurb about Amazon or Jeff Bezos to be seen. Your candidates and clients are there to shop too. And, they will do this once they realise they are in the right shop.

3) A mechanism to funnel candidates and clients to you and join your business community. It could be through job alerts, opt ins for a salary survey, webinars etc – ie something of value to them that will incentivise them to engage with you, join your database and ultimately your community.

If you look at your website does it cover these 3 bases?



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