Has this ever happened to you?


A client says…

We won’t be paying you a fee because our “policy” is:


Not to pay an agency if we’re already connected to their candidate on LinkedIn – Huh?

That we only give agencies 3 months ownership of an introduction.

Not to pay a fee if they are on our database already.

If Harold in accounts has a second cousin twice removed who met this person once in a coffee shop – then we already know them!

Now if you don’t have clearly agreed on terms, you will struggle to get payment.

However, if you have agreed on terms, the conversation simply comes back to your terms; which if they are robust will most likely clearly demonstrate the client’s policy has no bearing and your definition of a valid introduction is crystal clear.


If you’re working to their terms, ask them to show you on their terms where this policy is detailed.

“…Odds are it won’t be.”

 I hear you say, yes but they won’t work with us again if we push this.

If this really is a policy and it makes it clear you won’t profit from this company and you can’t get them to see reason, your only option is to walk away and focus on clients that appreciate the value of what you do.

You may find out though, with a little investigating, it isn’t actually company policy; it’s a reason the hiring manager knows they can give many agencies who will buckle under the threat of losing future business.

These “policies” come in very handy for companies who don’t value what you do.

You’re worth more. Your team is worth more.

Just as there are always other recruiters…there are always other clients.


Thanks for reading

Belinda Kerr
P.S. Please note I am not a lawyer and am in no way offering you legal advice. Just practical advice.



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