Consistency is one of those “vanilla” words.

At a first glance, it’s a poor cousin to words like a supernova, stellar, or even slick. These are… well perhaps a little more akin to cookies and cream.

But here’s the thing about vanilla.

It has stood the test of time over decades and accounts for 28% of ice cream sales. Twice that of its nearest rival, chocolate.

Just like vanilla ice cream, your business will stand the test of time if you find the right formula and stick to it.


Let me ask you 2 questions.

  1. Is your business on the revenue rollercoaster? The good month followed by average month etc.
  2. Do you find yourself deflated as you repeat activities that just
    don’t work anymore?

If consistency is vanilla ice cream then doing the right action is the chocolate sauce that makes it scrumptious.

OK, I might be overdoing the analogy, but I like ice cream!


My point is when you identify the activities in your business that shift the dial-up, stop doing those that don’t work and you build the discipline into your business to keep those activities happening consistently no matter what – success will follow.

I urge you to look at what activities you are spending your time on in your business and ask yourself this question.


“Is this a legacy activity that isn’t bringing the results it used to?


If the answer to this is yes, unpick that activity, consider the result you are wanting, and find a better way.

To reiterate my earlier point; once you are doing the activity that brings the results you want and doing that activity consistently the results will flow your way.



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