What’s the One Thing that makes your clients buy?

The level of certainty a client has that you will deliver on what they want will dictate how likely they are to buy from you.


Here are 5 quick tips to help them realise just how certain they should be!

1) First YOU must believe you can help them.
2) Communicate with confidence using words like “will” instead of “maybe”, “sure” instead of “might”. Words like always, definitely, absolutely… all good.
3) Be certain yourself who you can and can’t help. Don’t try to help people that you can’t.
4) Present independent proof – case studies, testimonials.
5) Focus on the result they are looking for and then back that up with 3 specific facts about your solution you know will help them feel certain. For example, “We are looking for a Data Scientist with experience in FMCG.” “Great, 35% of the roles we fill are Data Scientists and over 20% of those in the last 6 months were in FMCG.


How does your agency help your clients feel confident you can help?



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