Looking to build your recruitment or search business to sell?

It’s a great goal to have. So what do you need to get the best price?

A buyer is purchasing certainty of future profits and this following list of considerations (in no particular order) is great to understand and work towards well before you sell.

✔️ Low Key man risk, which essentially means having a business that isn’t dependent on you.
✔️ The ability to scale / effective growth strategies.
✔️ Clear financials that don’t intermingle with personal finances
✔️ Clear SOPs.
✔️ Clearly compliant (think legals, contracts and finance)
✔️A growing/viable market.
✔️ A strong brand and reputation.
✔️ A clean and clear business structure.
✔️A good spread of clients (i.e no dependence on one or two companies).

So if you have these areas covered you are good to go.

*If you are looking for deeper advice I can strongly recommend contacting Rod Hore – Specialist Recruitment Business Advisory – HHMC (you’ll find Rod on LinkedIn)



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