5 Key Indicators Your Agency will be Successful this Year

  1. Your revenue AND profit are going up on average every month.
  2.  You are you building a business system that you can scale and leverage as opposed to chasing revenue month to month.
  3.  Your business is moving to a point where you can take a vacation and the business will run without you.
  4.  You are starting to have consistent and predictable revenue each month.
  5.  You are getting an increasing percentage of your clients and candidates coming to you as opposed to chasing them.

These 5 factors are present in ALL the highly successful recruitment agencies I have studied. They are all indicative of businesses who have directors that spend time building a sustainable business. These Directors also invest in their own professional development to uncover their blind spots,  finesse their skills and most importantly learn how to build for the long term whilst they are also focussing on driving revenue to keep the cash flow strong in the short term.

If you can’t say yes to all of these 5 Success indicators your business has an opportunity for improvement, so find somebody who has run a successful agency and ask them to coach you, because all of the owners I studied had mentors and/or coaches.  

As a busy entrepreneur there is a lot to learn and little time to do it. The fastest and most effective track for you is to find somebody who has done what you are trying to do and pay them to show you how to get there faster. There are many great coaches around to help you; if you don’t already have one, find one and make this year your best yet!

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