Looking to scale your agency?

Here are a few things to think about.

Scale is a word thrown around quite a lot; however, there is a process to scaling a business, and here are few things to consider when you are looking to maximise your revenue and minimise your operating costs. i.e. scale.

✔️ Know your end game.
✔️ Focus on creating automated processes around the right things – BD/Marketing, training, delivery, etc.
✔️ Identify bottlenecks and fix them.
✔️ Delegate anything you are doing below your pay grade or outside your skillset.
✔️ Only scale a process when it’s delivering what you want.
✔️ Integrate systems where you can – but don’t go overboard.
✔️ Ask for help from those who have already scaled a business – they will have some good advice for you.



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