Is Forgetting the Basics Costing you Placements?


Start as you Mean to Go On

I think we are all guilty of this at some point. We start out as diligent rookie’s keeping to the structure and ticking off all the right questions on our checklist and tightly managing the recruitment process.


The Seasoned Recruiter Trap

As we become more seasoned in the game of recruitment, we are more comfortable with the process and much of recruitment becomes second nature.  If we’re not careful though we can start to forget why those frameworks we learned earlier in our career are still important and get a little casual about our process.

We start to expect that clients we have known for a long time will come to us first and will keep us updated etc.  But, truth be told, that’s not the case.  There are plenty of other recruiters with finely tuned skills that are sitting in the wings ready to steal our lunch as they maintain end to end control to get the best chance of filling the job.


Getting Back to Basics

When next in front of a client taking a job, ask all the questions you know will give you the control you need.


Questions such as:

How long has the role been open?

Why hasn’t it been filled?

Ideal candidate?

Any internal applicants?

Other agencies on the role?

Asking for exclusivity/retainer.

Establishing time frames for feedback.

Has anything changed since we last spoke?

There are many more, but you get the picture and I’m sure you have these tucked away in a file…


And, of Course, the Same Applies to Candidates.

What other agencies are they with?

Where have they applied so far?

Have they explored all opportunities in their current company?

What are their motivations for looking?

What is their ideal salary?

Do they have planned holidays?

Will they relocate?

If you take some time to reacquaint yourself with the basic job order questions and tighten up your process before you know it your placement ratio and your bottom line will be right back where they should be.

Thanks for reading!




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