Are you getting every drop of value from LinkedIn?

It’s likely there is a load more you can get from the platform and I’m going to share with you now just what that might be:)  Pretty much every agency owner I speak to you uses LinkedIn to connect with potential clients and candidates… but, there is much more to squeeze from it now.

It has morphed over time giving you far more opportunity to build your credibility and awareness to a far greater extent.

…and it’s a little more complex.

You have probably noticed hashtags are now a feature, as are documents and LinkedIn Live is in beta… 

Do you know how to get the best from these? 

Did you know, for eg putting links in your content dramatically reduces your reach?

I watched LinkedIn Expert Adam Houlahan’s rundown on what’s new on LinkedIn this week and he talks about this and much more. 

I found it really interesting… so I thought you would too.

I have included the link here for you to his presentation from earlier this week; it’s well worth the time to listen. 

All up Adam shares new features, how to benefit from them and practical do’s and don’ts to keep you out of trouble!

Love to hear what you think… useful?  

Thanks for reading!




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