Having a “Split Channel” plan will help you stay focused and in action…particularly if you’re climbing the walls in lockdown!

The challenge with Covid is it’s so hard to predict what’s coming next.

Will we be busy or quiet?

Are we going back into lockdown?

Is more govt support coming?

Where will the next outbreak be?

Will clients move slower or faster?

And, of course there are so many more questions and no blanket answers!

Here’s a short plan we’ve been using in the NLA program to deal with this head on. It’s pretty simple, but may just help you decide where to best spend your time.


Our game plan…

1) Cash is king. If you have live roles, that’s your first focus. Cash in the bank will make things easier if we get another whack.

2)That said, do everything you can to fill the role/s you have; if you can’t, know when to quit & move on to future business building activity.

3) Stay ahead of the game and have a plan ready to fill any “Downtime” with productive business building activity. A flexible plan will make it easier for you to dip in & out of projects as job numbers ebb & flow.

4) Avoid simultaneously working on and in the business. Split your time weighting your efforts according to what jobs you have on.


Hope this helps



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