You Started the Year with the Very Best intentions

You had plans to win substantial new business, increase your billings and perhaps take on
new staff members but somewhere along the line you just “got busy” “doing stuff”. This is
what happens when you are trying to grow a recruitment agency while operating like a

If you are looking to substantially grow your business in 2019 but are feeling a bit stuck as to
where to start – here’s 5 few tips to help you.

Well First up, you Need Something to Aim for!

1) Get clear on what your target is for 2019 and then plan milestones for each quarter and
only plan out as far as Q1 to start. Then, identify what actions need to happen each week to
have you hit that milestone and set them in stone in your schedule. Review your milestones
at the end of the quarter and then repeat the process for Q2.

Stop getting Distracted

2) Once you have a clear focus and know what you have to do – do it. There is too much
noise and too many shiny new things in the market now – you don’t need them all. Build
your strategy and THEN and only THEN look for the tech and external support to help you
fulfill your strategy. Don’t be tempted to bolt shiny new tech onto your business to be a magic
bullet for you; in isolation, it won’t be.

The Fastest Path to Long-Term Success

3) Understand if you are looking to significantly grow your agency the fastest path to doing
this is by spending the time you allocate to working on your business to building a
repeatable, scalable system that increasingly works with less of your input. That is, over
time allows you to step away from the business and work more on it as opposed to in it.

Managing Yourself

4) Have somebody hold you accountable and on track. Invest in your business skills and
learn about how to run a highly profitable recruitment business. I speak to recruitment agency
owners every day who are overwhelmed and not getting anywhere near the revenues they “hope” for because they don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to growing a
business. And when you think about it, it’s totally understandable given most of us come
from running a desk, not an entire business. If your business isn’t hitting its strides, stop
trying to work out why yourself and get some help so you can get the results you want
faster and enjoy the fruits of your hard work sooner!

Review your Results

5) Take some time to review last year and the reasons why you didn’t’ reach your targets.
Then investigate this thoroughly, look at the reality of the situation not just your gut feelings
and create a plan to do it better next year. And also take a time to reflect on what has
worked well for you and why and look for ways to optimize that in the coming year.

In the meantime take a well-earned break and I wish you all the very best of success next

Thanks for reading!




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