We all know how important it is to keep growing our pipeline of clients and candidates.

And, we have various ways of doing this, some as a legacy from the past, some are new ways we are still trying to figure out how to get the best results from.

Whichever way you look at it, in some shape or form whether it’s training others or doing the BD yourself, without a strong consistent pipeline of business there is no pot of gold at the end of the recruitment rainbow!

In this video, I turn the typical way I see Recruiters prospect on its head… just a little and show you another approach.

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How to get more prospects

Belinda Kerr

Hey there, Belinda here from recruitment garage. It’s such a beautiful day out here, I thought I’d do a quick video outside today, I want to talk to you about getting more prospects, something that we all like to get more of. And just a couple of quick little tips that I think will help you.

I was talking with my guys in one of the groups, one of the coaching groups I have a couple of days ago in the next level accelerator program. We’re talking about getting prospects and what typically happens is that recruitment agency owners or recruiters themselves will start off at one point and start to kind of branch outlook for you know, more connections on LinkedIn or start to kind of organically look for more leads. And it’s a kind of an unstructured organic process that Yeah, will certainly lead to some wins. But how often or how long ago or how long is it since you’ve sat back and remapped your market and looked at how many people in your market Who are they what are their email addresses? Maybe got their phone numbers, looking from the top down instead of sort of climbing up the greasy pole to try and get new leads, making getting on the front foot and looking at all the people in your market, or if it’s a huge market, maybe not all of them, but really looking at a massive amount of them so that you can then pick and choose who you want to work with. And then what you can start to do is use some one to many strategies to go wide at the top and then bring those people down into your funnel.

So a couple of things you could do here, a couple of kind of hacks for you would be, you know, everyone’s on LinkedIn. One thing could be to maybe set up your own LinkedIn group for your particular market and then just go literally and go across that market and invite them in and you know, start engaging them in conversation in there and finding out who the people that are going to want to work with you. Another thing could be is if you’ve got some salary information, people love that stuff. You know, just create a really simple salary information piece, and an email a minute email that out to them. Or another thing could be maybe you’re in a smaller market or you might be working in a local market where a meetup might be interesting. But for any of these strategies to work, you need to be able to go wide find those people use some outsource resources if you need to. So if there’s like, you know, 1000 2000 people that you’re not reaching out to, or connecting within your market, that would be potential clients for you, here’s a really good opportunity for you to do that.

So just in summary, how to get more prospects go wide, got the top, instead of sort of climbing up that greasy pole, go to more people make them take the effort to find out where those people are, who they are, and what their details are. And then I gave you a couple of quick strategies there a couple of quick ideas that you could use to start to engage those people. So few quick tips here. Hopefully, that helps you out. You know, getting new prospects is always something on our minds. If you liked it, let me know maybe leave a comment. And also or if there are other things that you would like me to do some quick tips and videos about just let me know and I will certainly do that for you. So, have an awesome day. Thanks for watching and yeah, happy prospecting



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