How do you balance the short term game of chasing next month’s revenue and the long term game of building tomorrow’s business?

First – grab a coffee. And then…


1) Separate the two

 If you are on the tools chasing deals focus on that. Then when you are planning for tomorrow remove yourself from the day to day and lock yourself away in a concrete bunker so you can think clearly with no distractions whilst planning for tomorrow’s business.

2) Diarise

dedicated time to work on your business and set it in stone. This is your ticket to tomorrow’s success.

3) As you work in your business

(on the tools) identify the bottlenecks slowing your results. Then, create the strategies to overcome those when you are in your planning time because that’s when you’ll have the brain space to solve them effectively.

What’s the biggest bottleneck holding you back in your business? That’s where to start.



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