Have you done anything lately that has absolutely terrified you?


Bungee jumped?




Something that absolutely set your heart racing, covered you in a cold sweat, and made you want to run for cover?

Last week I flew on a trapeze – I’m getting a little up there in years and the thought of throwing my body off a tiny and rather high platform made my brain start to sift through all the scenarios…

Everything crossed my mind from pulling a few muscles to 


                               “What if I have a heart attack in front of 80 people!” 


As I was climbing up the very long and shaky ladder my “life-preserving” brain was telling me “Abort! Abort!” 

And my willpower was saying

“Keep going it’ll be great” as it served up reason after reason why it would be amazing. 

Eventually, I made it to the top of the platform, my trembling body was rigged up to the trapeze and I started wondering just what it would be like launching myself out on this oversized swing. 

I had no idea. 


Would I drop off straight away, would I die of that heart attack? 


The result …



I had a ton of fun and was on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

The best bit… I got to brag to my kids who for a moment there thought mum was super cool☺

When you are super scared about something if you throw yourself in and come out the other side the feeling is out of this world.  

Remember that?

What can you do as a reminder to yourself of how invigorating it feels to face your fears? 

I can recommend the trapeze!


Have a great week





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