I had the privilege of seeing Sir Richard Branson live on Saturday and I have to say I was a bit star-struck! 

He certainly didn’t disappoint, everything I had come to believe about him just seemed to be magnified in the flesh. A humble man, always smiling, interested and interesting…and so much more.

Below is a taste of some of the wisdom he imparted.

When so many of us work so hard and often feel like we are battling to build businesses to the next level and sacrificing so much, we can sometimes lose sight of what is really possible and how to get there. Listening to Richard Branson it seems a lot of this has to do with letting go. 

And I mean letting go in many ways.

Letting go of…

  • Being so attached to the way things have to look
  • Doing everything ourselves
  • Any belief that money is the only thing that growing a business is about
  • Our negative thoughts on failure 
  • Worrying about making mistakes and looking stupid
  • Having to have all the answers

And in doing so free ourselves up to SEE the unlimited opportunities that surround us.


Look for

  • A solution that serves everybody
  • Ask questions…and then ask more questions
  • Listen, not just to the people you think will have the answers 
  • Ways to have more fun
  • Opportunities that are often right in front of you
  • Problems you can solve

It really was amazing sitting and listening to Sir Richard Branson…I didn’t want it to end! In fact, he went over time and this man is so humble and gracious this is what he said. “I’m sorry we’ve gone a bit over time, if you need to leave please don’t feel you have to stay” 

Said it all really…

The above just touches on a few of the gems I took away. So what I thought would be good would be to share what captured me most and expand more on those nuggets of wisdom Richard shared while they are fresh in my mind each day this week in our Facebook Group.

If you’re interested and not already in the group you can join here.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!




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