Here’s the scenario…

You interview a candidate and think yep, you are perfect for my client ABC company. You enthusiastically share this with your candidate, and they say…

“Yes I am in fact going for an interview there tomorrow.  Sharp As A Tack recruitment agency has set up an interview for me for a role I believe is right up my ally.”

Ouch! You feel like the X… discarded, and worse… replaced!

You gather your composure and start digging for further information as to how this could possibly be.

Let’s take a look at how you may have landed in this icky place and how to stop this travesty happening again.


Have you worked with the client for some time and simply become complacent leaving the door open for someone else?

If so, it’s time to identify clients that you “assume” will give you roles and start brickwalling your business so “Sharp As A Tack Agency” has no way of punching through to your client. This starts with regular calls to them to discuss anything of value to them. How are previous hires doing? What is coming up in the next quarter you may be able to help them plan for? Back this up with automated, regular content that will help them. The aim is to keep in regular, valuable contact to cement in their minds you are the best agency for them.

Uncertainty Around Your Agency’s Offering

If you have been working with a client for a while sometimes as your business grows the earlier clients can pigeon hole you into what you were doing when you first met. Make sure you have ways of keeping them up to date with the expanding ways in which you can assist them.

Your Client’s Business May be Changing

How much do you know about how their business is evolving? This ties in with being complacent. All businesses are constantly evolving. If you don’t pay attention to what is happening for your clients this will cause you to miss out on business. The most common reason here is when your great contacts change roles. Make sure if this is happening you ask them to refer you their successor; don’t just assume it will happen.

Your Competitors are Sharpening Their Game

What are their USPs? Are they offering to place candidates in new skill areas that you currently don’t? Ask your candidates and clients what your competitors are doing well. Don’t be afraid to do this, the recruitment landscape is constantly changing and if your competitors are doing something smart that you haven’t caught onto yet, this just may help you find out.

You Haven’t Asked

I can give you ideas as to why you might be losing business to competitors, but you will never truly know why a client gave a role to a competitor until you ask them.  If they are a longstanding client you have a good relationship with, simply ask them why they didn’t use you in this instance, and their response will give you great insight into ensuring your agency is briefed as expected.

Thanks for reading!




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