You do everything you can to help your candidate get the job of their dreams, and then……. silence, crickets, they vanish.  You’re on Linked In a few months later and low and behold you stumble over them in their new role. There they are, in the very same company, maybe in the very same job you represented them to – OUCH!

There are lots of things you can do to avoid this happening in the first place such as clear terms of business etc but sometimes despite your best efforts candidates are backdoored into a client after you have represented them.

If you want to keep a check on backdoored candidates, it’s simply a matter of keeping a rolling list of people represented to clients and cross-checking them against Linked In until they are out of their representation period. You don’t need to do this yourself – outsource it to a VA. Depending on the size of your list it will take them probably around an hour a month.

People end up backdoored into clients for all sorts of reasons and sometimes it’s innocent and the client will happily pay…  other times, well you may have a battle on your hands, but at least if you know what’s happened you then have a choice of what course of action you prefer to take.  And in many cases get the fee you are owed.

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