Are you asking yourself the right questions as the owner of your recruitment agency?

Often recruiters start out in a role, realise they are terrific at recruitment then launch their own agency. Great! Except often that means the thinking that made you a great recruiter won’t necessarily make you a great business owner.

Many new skills are needed when you make the switch from employee to business owner and one of these is knowing the right questions to ask.

Here are 3 questions that will help you start thinking and like a CEO and taking the actions that will influence your long term growth.

1) Ask not “How do I do this,” instead ask “Who can do this for me?”

2) “What am I currently doing that is either below my paygrade or outside my skill set that I can delegate?”

3) “What do I need to do today to affect results in 12 months?” (as opposed to only focusing on next month’s sales)


Tackle these questions and you are stepping into “CEO” shoes.



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