We’ve all witnessed that person walking into a room and without doing anything; command it.


There’s this visceral awareness that this individual is going to say something worth listening to.


They elegantly, yet powerfully move onto their stage, look up, maybe smile and look around at the audience who are by now moving closer to the edges of their seat in eager readiness to catch their message.


Yes, there are people who do this quite naturally, but much of this is a learned skill.


I’ve been to countless presentation training sessions over the years, which have been good, but I think I learnt the most about simply creating a ”presence” from this short Youtube video I stumbled over the other day.


Being able to exude quiet confidence will have your clients, candidates and employees respect you more, listen and take your advice and ultimately help you grow your business by drawing people to you.


If this is something you would like to be stronger at you will really enjoy this lesson by Joe Novarro – Former FBI agent and body language expert.






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