Does your agency suffer from feast of famine? Record revenue one month and then sideways the next.  The major reason for this is inconsistent activity.  And inconsistent activity usually points to no plan, or if you do have a plan you are easily swayed from it.  And lastly in this chain you can’t have a plan if you don’t know where you are trying to go or what you are trying to achieve.

3 Tips to Start Achieving Consistent Revenue

1) Schedule time each week to work on your business; to plan it.  If one hour of focussed time is all you can manage right now at least give yourself the gift of that.

2) Stop getting distracted by shiny new things that take you away from you plan. Whether that be tech, a new market to go after or a great course – it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t pull you toward your goal it gets vetoed!

3) Build systems into your business that help you reach your plan.  If you want to grow your temp desk by 50%, build a measurable system around it so it happens. Whatever gets measured gets attention.

So pick a destination – a 12 month destination, focus on the activity to get you there, stay on track and enjoy more consistent and predictable revenue.

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