It’s great to see an increasing number of posts citing good news around the job market.

I don’t like to be negative Nancy, …but I can already see recruitment and search agencies who were committed to putting in new growth strategies, recoiling back to pre Covid “business as usual” days and it worries me.

None of us know where this will all end, or if this positive news is our way to recovery or simply a spike balancing some of the earlier layoffs (my fear is later).


Here are 3 tips to help you keep those new ideas in play.

  1.  Allocate a regular amount of time to your new strategies every day or once a week. Consistency is key.
  2.  Have somebody keep you accountable.
  3.  If fear is a motivator for you, remind yourself what things were like very recently and why you took the time to invest your time into new initiatives in the first place.

After all, like most things in life the longer you leave it, the harder it is to pick up again.


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