Guaranteed your recruitment or search business doesn’t look quite the same as it did pre Covid.

So, what next?

It’s a great time to explore exactly what has happened in your niche and use that in your 2021 planning.

Here’s a quick strategy to get you started.

* Ask yourself the question “What is the biggest challenge I faced in 2020?

* Once you have your answer dig deeper.

* Dig deeper again. Repeat until there’s nothing left to ask.

Here’s an example for you.

“My biggest challenge in 2020 was our job pipeline dried up.”

“OK, why did it dry up?” (Be specific. Due to Covid is too broad)
“Because our niche is hospitality and 20% of our clients closed their doors.”


“What happened to the staff?”
They were furloughed.

“What are the staff saying about being furloughed?” (eg, changing industry, going back to study etc)

“Does my client know this?

Where does that leave your client? You now know your clients have a future problem they may not be aware of.

BOOM, there’s your opportunity to share with them what is ACTUALLY the case in the market and help them get on the front foot to rebuild their team.

Information will validate your market offering and help provide the BEST SOLUTION for your clients.

What questions are you asking right now?



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