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Let us Help you Grow Past your Daily Challenges


It is designed specifically for people who are currently running recruitment agencies from 1 to 15 people. You may be a start-up looking for momentum as you shoot out of the gates or have been in business several years looking for leverage to accelerate the growth of your agency.


Our first session is a 60 minute call where we identify and “diagnose” current business issues, run a top line “business health check” and create actionable steps to get started increasing your profits right from our first call.

Following sessions – We have a 60 minute (recorded) video call each month to work on strategy and actions and a 10 minute check in call 2 weeks after each call to help you with anything that arises in the 2 weeks and check you are on track.

How long is the contract?

There is no contract. Each session is paid in advance and you are free to leave the program at any stage.

Coaching / mentoring credentials?

Well that’s an interesting question! When I started Recruitment Garage it wasn’t my intention to add a coaching or mentoring component. Not because I don’t enjoy it – I do, I love it!

More because before I headed too far down the track with Recruitment Garage I wanted to really understand what recruitment entrepreneurs were looking for to help them grow their businesses – turns out a mix of coaching and mentoring is high on the list!

After speaking with many of you, I have had numerous people say to me “Why aren’t you coaching / mentoring, you have just given me such great advice or helped me see clearly what I need to do move forward.

So, as they say the rest is history. To be more specific I have been mentoring and “unofficially” coaching dozens of business owners in and out of recruitment for many years.

What I have to offer you is a mix of coaching which will help guide you to making your own powerful business decisions and mentoring where I will pull out my tool kit of almost 20 years building recruitment businesses to help you make strategic business suggestions that will no doubt give you plenty of “aha” moments and short cuts to success.


We are based in Australia and offer coaching for Recruitment Agencies globally. Our main markets are Australia, New Zealand, The UK, U.S.A., Canada and Singapore.

How do we schedule times across differing time zones?

There is a window at the beginning and end of each day which covers off any corner of the globe. Together we will find a mutually agreeable time. You have full access to all available slots in my diary if at any time you need to reschedule.

What if I'm not happy with the program?

We have a love us or leave us guarantee. If after our first session you don’t believe you received the value you were promised we will fully refund your fee – no questions asked.

How do you know about international markets?

The coaching isn’t market specific. It is based around global business success principles. Wherever you are in the world, you will receive the same value from the program.

What happens on our first call?

We get clear on your goals and the outcomes you expect from coaching. We look at what is getting in your way of achieving your goals and then start to look at ways in our very first call at actions you can take to solve current growth constraints.
Belinda is wonderful to work with, communicating with her is a true pleasure, she is passionate, honest and highly astute. She has an excellent understanding of the recruitment industry and is willing to share her knowledge and experience so generously. She communicates vital information very effectively and has given us a wealth of superb business advice that will have a huge impact on our future success.
Kate Evans

Director and Founder, Graduate Planet

Belinda is the best kind of entrepreneur – a very genuine person with a sense of fun, who’s passionate about what she does, knows her market, and has achieved a great deal while caring deeply about doing business in a way that works for all parties. I’m very glad our paths have crossed, and I’m sure Belinda will continue to enjoy success while helping others to achieve their professional and business goals.
Pete Wildman

Director, Sterning Health