What’s holding you back?

Do you know what’s holding you back?  If so, what are you doing about it?

If you’re not hitting the profit figures you want – something is holding you back.  And you more than likely know what it is.

It’s so easy in business to get busy in the day to day and not address the “less urgent” issues that are stopping you from getting what you want.

This is why businesses do “OK” and all too often don’t get to experience amazing success because they don’t give themselves the time to turn their biggest problems into opportunities.

Let’s take a look at an example

If you know that you could significantly improve your bottom line by getting more grade A candidates in front of your clients what are you doing about it?  Running around with a megaphone shouting I can’t find good candidates is not what I mean!  

Have you mapped your market?  Entirely, Exhaustively.

Have you outsourced a research project to identify all the potential candidates in your market and connect with them?

Have you created a strategy to identify those currently looking and engage and nurture the rest over time?

Have you measured what acquisition strategies are getting the best ROI for you so you can do more of what works?

Have you implemented a way to ensure that you are in regular and relevant contact with those you know already?

Do you have lead magnets on your website to interest candidates and capture their details?

Etc etc….

Don’t just look – really DIG

These are just examples to make a point and if candidates are your issue you wouldn’t stop there – you would stop when you had explored all your options and created a strategy to get a consistent flow of the right candidates into your business.

In a nutshell, have you looked deeply into how you can not only solve what is holding you back, but how you can turn it on its head and use it to increase your bottom line?

Don’t let yourself drown in the “busyness” of your business at the expense of tackling the real issues that if you gave them some focussed attention things would look very different for you.

If you don’t know – ASK

While I’m on my pulpit, let me say just one more thing.  If you have a big problem and you don’t know how to solve it, or you just can’t get started, reach out for help.  There is NO problem in business that can’t be solved, the answer may just be hidden from your view right now.

Taking the time to get clear what your problem is, investigating solutions and creating a strategy to address it will not only solve your problem but turn it into an asset for you. For example, when you solve your candidate issue (if you have one) all of a sudden you have a great point of difference to take to your clients.  If the market is screaming for candidates and you have them – it’s happy days for you.

So, what’s holding you back?  And when can you give yourself the time to investigate it thoroughly and get help if you need it so you can you do to turn it into a great opportunity for you?

Thanks for reading!




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