What’s the One Thing that Makes Your Clients Buy?

When we buy something, a dress or a new shirt, for example, we do so for different reasons. Our purchase may be driven by wanting to look our best on a first date, or we may need it for work or maybe the weather is getting hotter and we just need something cooler.  No matter what your reason, your ultimate purchase is driven by your level of certainty that it is going to do what you want it to for you.

So, my question is…

How confident are your clients and candidates in your agency’s ability to solve their problems?

How confidently do you deliver your proposition?  

Do you even believe you can help them to find the job or the candidate they want?  If you are second guessing your ability to help them they will sense this and run straight to your competition.

So what can you do to evoke a sense of certainty?

1) Get very clear on your market and your USP; who can you help and who can’t you help?

2) Own your market in your language and actions. Write about it, be an authority and have an opinion on your market.  Make yourself available for commentary by approaching the trade press.

3) Present case studies of clients and candidates you have helped.

4) Watch your language in pitches. Replace words such as maybe, possibly, perhaps and sometimes with the words always, definitely, certainly, absolutely…

Recruitment isn’t an exact science, people change their minds and life happens.  I am not suggesting you promise a client you will 100% fill their role or guarantee a candidate 100% you will find them a role because that is never entirely, categorically true.

Even if you have filled every role in the last 12 months there are factors outside your control – a market crash, change in legislation etc that may change the result.  What we are looking for here is for the client or candidate to decide out of all the options available to them that they can be most certain you are the best one for them.

Thanks for reading!




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