What do you do when you have been running a recruitment agency for a few years and have hit a ceiling in your growth?

Your days are full to the brim, but results are flatlining…

Realise this is exciting because you have reached the end of a growth cycle and it’s time to change things up for your next chapter. What got you here isn’t what will get you to your next level. So, doing more of the same and working harder won’t do anything terribly exciting for you or your business. Where are the bottlenecks?


Here are a couple of clues as to where you may see opportunities to change things up.

1)   It’s likely the processes you have in place need an upgrade to support future growth.

2)   I’d make a guess you most likely need more clients. Time to learn and implement new growth strategies such as one to one digital marketing that you can scale.

3)    Do you have the right people doing the right things? Yes, that includes you 🙂

4)   Does the tech you have in place support your next level of growth?

5)  Do you have a plan to get you there? (OK an obvious one, but many people I speak to sadly don’t)

Most people I speak to a few years into having their own recruitment agency talk about needing new clients, but they are already maxed out in terms of time and resources. If you get new clients and don’t address the other issues you won’t be able to handle the new business effectively.

My advice… take a look at the areas in your business that are slowing things down and tidy those up before cramming in new clients, so when you do bring them on you have a strong foundation to support your next level of growth.

What are the biggest bottleneck in your business and the one thing you could do today to start to fix it?



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