Tomorrow is the first day of 2021. Crazy!

Yesterday I was thinking about what I could share to help you create your best year yet.

I found it!

Just as I was thinking about this, I had an email from Dan Sullivan – coach to millionaire entrepreneurs – and it’s perfect. He has written a book called Who Not How you can purchase for less than $1.00 on Amazon.

I’ve read it in the last few hours and it has great tips on freeing up your valuable time to work on the BIG agendas in your business.

Let me explain…

Many Recruitment and Search agency owners I speak to are going sideways because they have way too much on their plate; they’re overwhelmed and have a crazy to do list.


Because they struggle with delegation and much of what they are doing is either outside their skill set or below their pay grade. Usually, it’s in an effort to save money.

That’s false economy because we know highly successful entrepreneurs do what they need to buy time so they can work on the important things.

Sometimes it’s also because they don’t know what to delegate or to whom.

This way of thinking is a “growth limiter”. No question. It keeps you in the weeds and going sideways when your real desire is to grow.

When you start asking “who” can do something, not “how” you will start to find the support to free your time to focus where it’s going to make the biggest difference for you and supercharge your results.

So, why not set yourself up powerfully from day 1 this year and give up the mantra you are saving yourself money by doing everything yourself when it’s simply not true and ask yourself the question Who can do this for me?

I have no incentive to share this deal with you other than I follow Dan and if this easy to read book gives you one great tip surely that’s worth a dollar!

Who not how

Who not how

Just search “Who Not How” on Amazon.

Here’s to your best year yet.




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