Marketing isn’t something we learn in Recruitment school, and for small agencies, it can be quite daunting.  Often the marketing conversation I hear from agency owners goes somewhat like this…

“I know marketing is important, I hear it all the time from the recruitment gurus.”

“I know I should be doing blogs, social posts, etc”

…Which leads to

“I don’t have the time or the skills so I’ll outsource it to an agency”.  

…Which if done well will bring amazing results, but sadly most people I speak to either can’t tell me what results it’s bringing for them or they don’t know what ROI they should be looking for.  We want every dollar, or pound working hard for you!

So how do you choose a good marketing agency and maximise your partnership?

1. Take a look at what assets you already have

The more I work with recruitment agency owners, the more I understand how varied their assets are and how some are using them very well to attract business and others are leaving money on the table.  Then ask your potential marketing partner how they will help you maximise these assets (for example,  your current database, third party connections, your website, and existing content)

Avoid marketeers who offer a “one size fits all” strategy.

…or start discussing prescriptive ideas before they really understand your business. You want to know why they are making the recommendations specific to your business objectives and question their rationale. 

2. Ask what specific results you can expect

Then you can make an informed decision about how much money you spend.  They should be able to give you case studies of other recruitment companies they have worked with and show you the return they were able to achieve.

3. Stay interested and involved

…with your business’ marketing because it is expensive to get wrong and nobody will be as invested as you in getting it right. There is a tendency to give away marketing control to the experts, but you are the captain of your ship and know your business better than anybody. Sure, they have a better handle on marketing but that doesn’t mean they will have the best solution for your business every time.  If an idea doesn’t make sense and you can’t see the measurable result in your business drill deeper until you can.

4. Look at the experience of their team members 

What areas of marketing do they know well, what is their measurable (not anecdotal) track record of success?

A great marketing partner can be a brilliant asset but also one of your biggest expenses if it is poorly managed and can burn through your cash as it lines the pockets of others.  This simple checklist will set you on your way to identifying a good marketing partner and maximising your partnership.

I hope you find this a useful quick reference and happy marketing!

Thanks for reading




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