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If you’re on a mission to turn your business vision into a reality - let’s get it happening for you!

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The Scale Project TM

#1 scale & growth strategies to 2-5X your growth, reclaim your time and build the recruitment agency you deserve.

Ready to grow?

Don't go it alone when there's a global peer network ready to support you. I often hear from Recruitment Agency owners who feel disconnected from running their own businesses. They express a desire for a peer network to bounce ideas off, troubleshoot with, and even hold them accountable.

The Scale Project TM offers supportive group of like minded individuals across a variety of niches with all one goal in mind ...

To attract your ideal clients, increase your monthly earnings, and achieve business freedom, whatever that may look like to you.

What you'll get in this booking

If you are doing over 15K a month, you might just be a few strategies, tactics and tools away from scaling your business to doubling, tripling or more...

In this fast-paced brainstorm, we will:

Take a look at how you are attracting clients and candidates.
And see what's really possible in terms of new income in the next 90 days.

Look at the #1 thing that's holding you back from growing your business the way you want to.
The key to more more time, more money and more freedom.

Show you how to get your name out there wide and fast.
And become the recruitment or staffing agency of choice. Every time.

Develop a 3-step action plan.
That will get you results in your business ASAP.

Hi! I'm Belinda

In case we’ve not yet had the pleasure to meet, I’m Belinda Kerr, Coach, and all round Growth Champion for SME Recruitment Founders.

I have personally launched grown and sold 2 of my owner recruitment businesses and now I get to hang out with other amazing agency owners like you looking to create their ideal agency.

Whether you’re envisioning a cozy solo venture or have your sights set becoming the next big thing, it doesn’t matter – it’s all about what YOU want.

No matter where you are in your journey, there’s always something new to learn, implement or improve to get you to success faster.

Which ties into my next thought…

The recruitment landscape is changing at lightning speed and your company’s ability to stand out from the crowd is in direct proportion to what’s between your ears!

With that in mind, I’d love to help you maximise the opportunities that surround you and turn your business vision into a reality.

See you on the inside...

Ready to Scale? 

Don't go it alone when there's a global peer network ready to support you.

They Say

What They Say

Your advice has totally changed

the game for us.

We increased our rates significantly and changed our approach from an aggressive sales strategy to more of a relationship-building, market researching sort of approach and we've managed to pick up 4 new clients in a very short amount of time. Morale has never been higher :)
So, I want to thank you for giving us a new perspective. It was a pretty rough year for us but things are quickly turning around.

Josh Smith
Chief Operations
Rubicon HR Canada

We found Belinda's course to be value-rich and information-dense, with applied marketing insights allowing us to jumpstart our branding journey and get more clients & candidates inbound.


I wanted to check in and say a massive THANK YOU again for your program. We are in full swing of creating consistent content via webinars and soon about to convert into a podcast as well. The course has really helped me nut out my USP and EVP which has been particularly important in growing my team. I am in such a different place to where I was before meeting you and am forever grateful for the growth you have been able to show me. The biggest a-ha I could share is that it is important for people to keep revisiting the course work and continue to refine their target audience, database, etc. I certainly had my failed attempts but they’ve helped me figure out what works and doesn’t, and when we do have future failures we know what to look for to pivot.