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Is Your Business In Good Shape?

Is Forgetting the Basics Costing you Placements?   Start as you Mean to Go On I think we are all guilty of this at some point. We start out as diligent rookie’s keeping to the structure and ticking off all the right questions on our checklist and tightly managing the...

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How Much Money are you Wasting on Marketing?

Marketing isn’t something we learn in Recruitment school, and for small agencies, it can be quite daunting.  Often the marketing conversation I hear from agency owners goes somewhat like this… “I know marketing is important, I hear it all the time from the recruitment...

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Are you Losing Candidates to Backdooring?

You do everything you can to help your candidate get the job of their dreams, and then……. silence, crickets, they vanish.  You’re on Linked In a few months later and low and behold you stumble over them in their new role. There they are, in the very same company,...

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Why Aren’t My Consultants Billing More?

The I’m Busy Dance You walk into the office and all you hear is the ‘tap tap tap ’ of keyboards and when you ask about pipelines, even the tapping goes quiet. Then you start to hear the excuses, it’s the market or I’m having a quiet patch. I’m just so busy – and you...

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An Eye Opener Around Candidate Engagement

An update on How to get more Candidates from your CRM I had an interesting chat with Cameron McLennan from Firefish Software about “How to get the Best from your Sales & Marketing Software”.  He shares why now is a great time to show your database a little love...

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