How To Plan Your Year In Less Than An Hour.

Thanks for watching! Belinda TRANSCRIPTION: How to plan your year in under an hour Belinda Kerr Hi there, Belinda here from recruitment garage. I speak to lots of recruitment agency owners who find it hard to plan they used to being recruiters and looking at the next...

Sorry! We Already Know that Person

If you’ve been in recruitment long enough, chances are this has happened to you. Here’s a few ways to respond when you represent a candidate and the client says “Sorry, but we already know them. Thanks for reading! Belinda TRANSCRIPTION: Thanks but...


Are we headed for a recession? And how to prepare your recruitment or search firm. TRANSCRIPTION: Recession? Belinda Kerr All right, so are we having a recession or not? I really wish I could tell you the answer to that. What I will say is things are looking a little...

A Quick Tech update from TechXpo

I recently attended the recruitment TechXpo in Sydney put on by the RCSA. It was part of the broader RSCA conference. There were some interesting speakers and insights and I’ve put together my notes from the day in this video for you. TRANSCRIPTION: Techxpo...


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