Are you daunted by creating content?

Most #recruitment agency owners I know are.

And that’s a problem because stats show us that people have 70% made up their minds to use you or not BEFORE they contact you.

The way they do this is mostly via what they see about you online and of course, personal #referrals play a part here too.

It’s also heavily influenced by what others write, record or video about you – that of course comes back to giving your clients and candidates an exceptional experience.

Ultimately, what feeds into this preconception of you is how what you (and others) write, record, or video lands with them.

Does it show your expertise in a non-salesy way?
Does it raise interesting questions for them?
Does it increase their trust in you?
Does it help them?

These are just a few things your #content can do for your #reputation and ultimately drive enquiries.

My belief around content is to find what works for you/what you enjoy and then do it with consistency so people come to expect it.

There are so many ways for you to deliver valuable content to your potential candidates and clients now, there will absolutely be the right channel and format for you.

Instead of seeing it as overwhelming, look at it as a great list of ideas from which to choose your favourite.

As a start, you can see all the variations of content creation just in your LinkedIn feed.

What is it you see others doing that you think you would enjoy doing?

Start there – it doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think.

Remember the 3 keys to #content success are:
– Finding something you enjoy
– Making sure you are creating high value for your market
– Being consistent so people come to look forward to your content.



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