You have your website running, you like how it looks… but where are all the leads?

Your website is a key player in driving leads to your business. Yes, it helps with your branding and professional profile… but we want it to do more.

Let’s think a bit deeper. Around 85% of first-time traffic to your site leaves NEVER to return. How much money is clicking away from your website every day?

There are many things you can do on your site, some quick, some not so quick, and more expensive to get more leads from your site. Today I’d like to share just 3 tips you may not be aware of that you can implement pretty quickly that will entice more people into your community to nurture over time. And inch you over and above many of your competitors.

Get Bookmarked for Future

Visitors are interested in what you can do for them. Leave your blurb about yourself deeper into the site. The first thought for the candidate or client needs to be yep, I’m in the right place. And this, by the way, happens within seconds of them being on your site. So, let them know from the outset they are in the right place. Make a simple and clear statement that demonstrates this. For e.g. “We place civil engineers on key construction projects in Sydney”.

Catch Escapees

Start a retargeting campaign to keep the front of mind with those who have left your site. Give them a reason to come back to your site and/or sign up to something of value so they get to be part of your community, you can build trust with them, give them value and be more likely to place them or with them at some point. If you search google re-targeting, you will get all the help you need to activate this.

Speaking of Value…

Do you have an opt-in on your site where people can give you their name and email address in exchange for a high-value piece of content? Some of the things I found people really like are Case Studies, Salary Surveys, Checklists (I know a bit left of center but I think in such a cluttered world people appreciate tools that will make life simpler), Interviews with subjects experts. You can do video interviews to share so easily now with tools such as ZOOM. It needs to be valuable enough that people will opt-in to receive it.

By the way, the video at the top was to show you how simply you can create a video. Lumen 5 has a free subscription that you can very quickly turn a thought into an idea to share (there are others too I’m sure, this is just one I stumbled across a while ago and is easy to use!

Hope these tips help.



Thanks for Reading.




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